Student Research

MLIS archival interns Kyoko Aoko, Joanna Black, Yee May Chua, Sonia Collazo, and Gretta Treuscorff developed finding aids for KCIS archives; their contributions are noted on the individual finding aids.

Aamoy Gupta contributed to technical sections in KCIS grant applications, provided guided tours of the exhibit space ,and developed an instance of Telehack specifically for the KCIS exhibit space.

Simon Bensoussan researched and installed a historical display in our exhibit space, chronicling the emergence of ARPA, the ARPANET, and work done at the Network Measurement Center.  In addition to creating linkages between KCIS and other groups at UCLA, he created an earlier instance of our website.

Jacob Ferrari worked with KCIS to create a registry of all internet-related historical materials archived at UCLA.

Jason Hong contributed to the development of finding aids for KCIS archival collections, as well as their presentation on our website.

Colleen McCormick assists in grant writing, contributes to the blog, and conducts research for the driving tour feature.

Matthew Millar and Sophie Gerrick developed a early database for visualizing network nodes.

Kevin Kuo contributed to the IETF History project, and to the presentation of KCIS archival collections on our website.

Long Nguyen developed a best practices guide for software preservation.